Randy Edelman

This song was first released on Randy Edelman’s
1975 LP record

The Uptown, Uptempo Woman
(and the Downtown, Downbeat Guy)

It started out in innocence
The way that most things do
A thousand people crammed in one place
But the only face was you
I grabbed your hand and we raced out
Hardly said a word
I’d only seen you for a minute
But I was roundin’ third
And we traded on our backgrounds
You mentioned I seemed shy
Then you laughed and said
“I’m an uptown, uptempo woman;
You’re a downtown, downbeat guy.”

Within a week I’d moved in
At her uptown eastside place
We’d make love for hours
On a bed of silk and lace
She would get up early
And come home late at night
She had important business
But my prospects all seemed slight
And tired on some evenings
She’d get mad and cry
“I’m an uptown, uptempo woman;
You’re a downtown, downbeat guy.”

Well the romance soon was over
And the lust was turnin’ thin
I soon began to realize
The mess I’d gotten in
But as always happens
When you’re caught in such a trap
You get so used to what’s around
That you can’t find your way back
So I lived with this arrangement
And soon learned to despise
The uptown, uptempo woman
And the downtown, downbeat guy

And then one Saturday in March
I decided I would go
As I was goin’ nowhere
And my mind was gettin’ slow
So I opened all the closets,
There wasn’t much to pack
I felt bad not tellin’ her
That I wasn’ comin’ back
But this day she was early
She looked at me and asked “Why?”
I said “Why?...
You’re an uptown, uptempo woman,
And I’m a downtown, downbeat guy.”

You’re an uptown, uptempo woman
I’m a downtown, downbeat guy
Downtown, downbeat guy