Elvis Presley grave
Elvis Presley
Memphis, Tennessee

The Gospel of Elvis

“I wouldn’t call any art bad, though there’s a lot of it I don’t get. I like realism though… I can admire a good house paintin’ job.”

“Somethin’ can be real interestin’ or different when it starts out, but if it can’t change it’s gonna die out like Hula Hoops, or slow down a lot, like Silly Putty.”

“Somebody does somethin’ stupid, that’s human. They don’t stop when they see it’s wrong, that’s a fool.”

“Only thing worse than watchin’ a bad movie is bein’ in one.”

“I don’t like any woman who I think might be able to outwrassle me.”

“Nothin’ wrong with your knees shakin’. When I first shook, it was half nervousness, half movin’ to the beat… and look what it did for me.”

“The world is more alive at night. It’s like God ain’t lookin’…”

“I have no need for bodyguards, but I have very specific uses for two highly trained certified public accountants.”

“There’s no escapin’ it. I don’t care who you are or what you’re worth: there’s trouble at every level of life.”

“Everyboy’s nuts. Some of us just see it more clearly.”

     —excerpted from The World According to Elvis: Quotes From the King, by Jeff Rovin

Elvis Presley postage stamp
U.S. postage stamp honoring
Elvis Presley, issued in 1993