Gravesite of Fox Mulder (The X-Files).
Fox Mulder
Unknown Cemetery
Unknown State

"If I am a guilty man, my crime is in daring to believe that the truth will out and that no one lie can live forever. I believe it still. Much as you try to bury it, the truth is out there. Greater than your lies, the truth wants to be known. You will know it. It'll come to you, as it's come to me."
     —Fox Mulder (X-Files Season 9, "The Truth" episode, 5/19/02)

Dana Scully and Walter Skinner (The X-Files) at the grave of Fox Mulder
Agent Dana Scully and Assistant Director Walter Skinner
pay their respects at the funeral of Agent Fox Mulder.

"I have held a torch in the darkness to glance upon a truth unknown, an act of faith begun with an ineloquent certainty that my journey promised the chance not just of understanding, but of recovery; that the disappearance of my sister twenty-three years ago would come to be explained, and that the pursuit of these greater truths about the existence of extra-terrestrial life might even reunite us, a belief which I now know to be false and uninformed in the extreme, my folly revealed by facts which illuminate both my arrogance and self-deception. If only the tragedy had been mine alone, might it be more easy tonight to bring this journey to its end."
     —Fox Mulder (X-Files Season 5, "Redux" epsode, 11/2/97)

"No matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough."
     —Susanne Modeski (X-Files Season 5, "Unusual Suspects" episode, 11/16/97)

SCULLY: "Have you ever thought seriously about dying?"
MULDER: "Yeah, once, when I was at the Ice Capades."
     —Dana Scully & Fox Mulder (X-Files Season 5, "Detour" episode, 11/23/97)

MULDER: "I was told once that the best way to regenerate body heat is to crawl naked into a sleeping bag with somebody else who's already naked."
SCULLY: "Maybe if it rains sleeping bags you'll get lucky."
     —Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (X-Files Season 5, "Detour" episode, 11/23/97)

"I think what we're seeing here is an example of a culture for whom daytime talk shows and tabloid headlines have become a reality against which they measure their lives. A culture so obsessed by the media and a chance for self-dramatization that they'll do anything in order to gain a spotlight."
     —Dana Scully (X-Files Season 5, "Post-Modern Prometheus" episode, 11/30/97)

The staff of recently received an anonymous phone call notifying us that our website was being monitored and inquiring as to whether we would be interested in photos of Fox Mulder's gravesite. We were. We were directed to wait outside a certain bar in Washington D.C. A man in a dark overcoat approached us and handed us an envelope containing the two photos on this page. He stated they were only available in black and white, and the vignetting was due to the use of a tiny pinhole camera mounted on his tie. He stated that he took the photo of Agent Scully and A.D. Skinner first, and so as not to cause a scene, waited until they left, then placed the holy magic banana and took the closeup of Mulder's grave marker. He declined to identify the cemetery and refused to offer any personal identification or give us his name, but it was noted that he chain-smoked cigarettes during our meeting. He left quickly in a dark sedan with tinted windows and diplomatic license plates.