Pappy Boyington gravesite
Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, Virginia

Marine Corps pilot “Pappy” Boyington became one of the best-known fighter pilot aces in World War II. Among his many claims to fame:

• Shot down a total of 22 or 28 enemy planes, depending on who you believe
• Flew with the famed Flying Tigers in China before the U.S. entered the war
• Organized and led the soon-to-be-famous “Black Sheep Squadron” of fighter planes in the South Pacific
• Was eventually shot down and held as a POW by the Japanese for a year and a half
• Was awarded the Medal of Honor
• Terrorized most of his commanding officers
• Drank way too much and got into too many fights (or “wrestling matches” as he would probably claim)
• Had four wives (not at the same time)
• Wrote a colorful best-selling autobiography, Baa Baa Black Sheep


Boyington’s book can be found at used book sites all over the Web. Try Alibris, Biblio, AddAll, etc.
This web site has an excellent summary of “Pappy’s” life and career: Ace Pilots