tidbit vision #9

. . . the peak moment is the two seconds just before you let go of the rock you’re clinging to in the cold river . . .  that is the whole point of the matter . . .  it is the feeling of being which you experience from the instant you decide to let go until you actually do let go two seconds later . . .  the deep breath of anticipation, the incessant pressure of the rushing water completely engulfing you, millions of foamy bubbles, swirling patterns . . .  forever an unnameable feeling, and the stronger for it because it is unnameable . . .  and then you let go almost as an afterthought, and abandon yourself to the river carrying you downstream in a roar, bobbing towards either the serene lake or the raging falls, whichever happens to be at the end of this river . . . .

       —Zimmerman Skyrat, 101Bananas.com