half-remembered dream fragment
hastily jotted down on awakening, #32

....Fade in
to a small carnival scene, late afternoon, with rides, booths, the whole nine yards. There’s a small pyramid about 30 feet tall that people are going into and I’m in line. There’s an admission booth outside the entrance and exit but for some reason you don’t pay until you come out. As soon as you step inside it’s obvious that what you saw outside was only the tip of an enormous pyramid, most of which is underground. It’s dark inside except for some flashing neon lights and blacklights all over. A long, long stairway leads all the way in and down to the bottom of the pyramid, which is as big as a football field. I see a few people I know. It’s dark like a nightclub and the blacklights make it look like a 60’s freak show where everyone’s stoned. I’m curled up into a ball in one of the corners peeking out at the people milling around. Next thing I know I’m leaving and the lady in the booth is collecting the admission. It’s four dollars, and I only have a twenty. Instead of giving me sixteen dollars change, she gives me twenty one-dollar bills, so then I give her four of them back. She looks at them closely and says she doesn’t want them because they’re counterfeit. She denies that they’re the same bills she just gave me. I can’t believe it and tell her these are the same bills she just gave me and that’s all she’s getting from me. I start walking away and she starts yelling at me. A few people are following me saying hey man, give the lady four dollars, and I tell them to get lost. I keep walking and a few people are still bugging me. There’s a tall ladder leaning up against a building so I start climbing it to get away from the people bugging me. At the top I pull the 16 dollar bills I have left out of my pocket and look at them and they’re obviously counterfeit too. It’s pretty windy and the ladder is shaking and I’m trying to hang on and count my 16 counterfeit one-dollar bills at the same time.
Fade out....

       —Zimmerman Skyrat, 101Bananas.com