Released: 1989
Written & Directed by: Eric Rohmer
French with English subtitiles
Anne Teyssèdre: Jeanne
Hugues Quester: Igor
Florence Darel: Natacha
Eloise Bennett: Eve
Sophie Robin: Gaelle

      DVD cover for the movie 'A Tale Of Springtime'.

Review posted by "DB from CT 3" at netflix.com

Well, first nothing really happens, then nothing really happens, and then for the grand finale, nothing happens at all. There are moments when you think something might happen, so you watch and wait, but cruelly, nothing does end up happening. I believe this was a vicious joke Mr. Rohmer is playing on his admirers. Surely only a steadfast devotee could sit through and enjoy this disaster, or perhaps work of evil genius, in which there is a perpetual tease that something of interest will present itself, yet nothing remotely of interest ever does. This movie makes Waiting for Godot seem like Lethal Weapon VI.